Building the Future

Kingsway technology is 100% Australian owned and was established in 1992 in Sydney. We specialise in Fuji Xerox products and are a certified dealer. We provide services Australia wide and are renowned in the industry for our excellent customer service and our ability to provide individual and specialised print solutions for all our clients both large and small. We are constantly striving to better our performance and to keep ahead of our competitors. Through working with us, we hope to provide you an integrated system that will streamline your printing experience. This will allow you cut costs and reduce your overall expenditure on unnecessary goods.

Experts in the Field

From our experience with a broad spectrum of businesses, we have been provided different perspectives from our customers individual needs. We have learned how to cater to individualised needs and provide the best possible solution.Our expertise in the field means we understand your requirements and can create plans to suit. We can provide advice on any hardware and offer new solutions to maximise efficiency of existing customers to keep them running at 100%!